Features of Tungsten Carbide Seat

Tungsten Carbide Seat Picture

Tungsten carbide seat is available for use in a variety of configurations and specifications for use in wear, corrosive and erosive conditions.

Following are the tungsten carbide seat features:

Resistant to corrosion and abrasion;

Long operation ;

Withstand high pressure ;

Dimensionally accuracy;

Withstand extremely high thrust loads and high temperature.

Available for most passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, diesels and stationary industrial motors.

Individually cast tungsten carbide.

For maximum strength with minimum distortion. Resists severe pounding and dissipates heat better. Works with all fuels.

Easy on cutters and stones.

PEP valve seats are softened to a hardness of R/c 42 for ease of machining, which leaves cutters and stones freer of build-up, gives faster and cleaner machining with existing tooling.

operate in 1400 to 1500 range!

PEP valve seats have a higher operating range than the competition (see bar chart). They give a greater safety margin in today's hot running motors.

Work-Hardens during running-in.

The special tungsten carbide alloy work-hardens during the first few miles. Final hardness achieved is R/c 50. The initial" softness" allows the valves to correctly bed to the seats.

In short, our tungsten carbide seat is superior quality ----valve seats at an extremely low cost!