Tungsten Carbide Well Seat

Tungsten Carbide Seat Picture

Tungsten carbide well seat, the ball's role is one way to control the flow of oil flow is in a very bad working conditions. Wells class tungsten carbide seat for multi-component working medium gas, water, oil, sand, wax, resin and asphalt is a non-uniform random variation of the three-phase medium. It is with some frequency cycle, alternating to open, close, pumping the liquid at a constant speed to carry some mechanical impurities at high speed flows violently scouring the seat, while the seat with the ball, has produced hit between cover, in a large quantity of sand wells, make the sealing surface between the ball and seat damage more rapidly, the damage is a mechanical wear. In most wells contain corrosive media, corrosive damage to their tungsten carbide seat is particularly serious.

Crude oil contains H2S, O2, H2, CO2, Cl- and bacteria, salt, alkali and other chemical or electrochemical reactions can occur with the metal, the metal from corrosion. In the dual role of mechanical wear and chemical corrosion, loss of precision tungsten carbide seat, sealing damaged, its performance for many irregular surface pitting, flaking, net ditch, thereby enabling the seat complete failure, significantly decreased pump efficiency.

Therefore, Tungsten carbide well seat must have a high resistance to erosion, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Tungsten tungsten carbide as the main raw material for cobalt cemented metal tungsten carbide seat can better adapt to pump operating conditions.