Tungsten Carbide Soft Sealing Seat

Tungsten Carbide Seat Picture

Tungsten carbide soft sealing seat have a certain strength and stiffness, moderate gap, difficult to deform under pressure. Tungsten carbide soft sealing seat should meet the high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive, ultra-low temperature, zero leakage, long life, fire safety and pressure resistant capabilities. At the same time tungsten carbide soft sealing seat is divided into:

1. Tungsten carbide soft elastic sealing seat. Resilient seat by means of an elastic element, such as a metal spring bracket and springs, etc., to produce elastic deformation under preload or fluid pressure, in order to compensate for changes in ambient condition temperature, pressure, and wear on the ball sealing performance.

2. Combined spring tungsten carbide soft sealing seat. Combined spring seat is a transverse section along the circumference of the valve channel uniform set of thrust compression spring or spring with only one dish, always keep the ball seat pressed to achieve preload state.

3. Piston seal seat tungsten carbide soft sealing seat. Piston seat is imported produce medium pressure sealing force, the seat is pushed pressed sphere, elastic-plastic deformation produces a seal ring. Divided into truncated bleed seats, sports seats and two-stage double sealed seat.

4. Special structure tungsten carbide soft sealing seat. Special structural formula with inner or outer seat adjustable bellows type, grease seals, double push and modular.