Tungsten Carbide Hard Seal Seat

Tungsten Carbide Seat Picture

The most important feature of tungsten carbide hard seal seat is that it's all metal to metal seal sealing seat by tungsten carbide welding, and its surface hardness up to 60HRC, temperature up to 500 ℃, the working medium may be mud, black and gray water, hard coal powder solid particulate media, oil, petrochemical, chemical, power and urban construction, can be used in the working temperature above 200 ℃ piping system.Tungsten carbide hard seal seat is divided into:

1. Body surfacing tungsten carbide seal seat. Body type tungsten carbide hard seal seat is surfacing in some metal tungsten carbide hardfacing material, with a resilient seat tailstock, helps to reduce friction damage to the sealing surfaces.

2. Multi-layered tungsten carbide seal seat. Seal is a multi-seat multi-layered and multi-layered thin piece Tungsten carbide graphite sheets stacked alternately by means of special processing volumes pressed to improve the performance of high temperature and high pressure.

3. A hollow tube tungsten carbide seal seat. Hollow tube is sealed inside and outside the seat bushing, the middle is hard alloy tube, so that the seat by elastic hollow sphere pressed.

4. Rotary tungsten carbide seal seat. The main feature is the rotating seal seat valve opening and closing process, the seat can be used for rotary motion along the channel axis, and its structure on the seat distribution around the circumference of the teeth, the ball every once closed, the seat rotate a tooth. This allows the valve seat to create a uniform wear along the circumference, thereby improving the working conditions of the valve seat, extending the life of the valve seat.