Tungsten Carbide Seat Sealing Principle

Tungsten Carbide Seat Picture

Tungsten carbide seat with more high temperature and pressure valves, which can maintain high red hardness in the 500 ~ 600 ℃, ensure that the valve sealing surface with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, then it can improve the tungsten carbide seat valve life.

The main function of tungsten carbide seat valve works by means of the driving means for applying a predetermined torque is transmitted to the ball in the top of the stem, rotated 90 °, to complete an operation to open or close the valve. Tungsten carbide seat sealing principle varies according to their structure, commonly used Tungsten carbide seat structure can be divided into fixed and floating ball valve floating ball valve fixed two categories. When the tungsten carbide seat retainer ball floating sphere displaced in the direction of fluid flow in the fluid under pressure, and to make it more closely in contact with the valve seat seal, i.e., than the pressure of the sealing surface increases, forming a single seal, while the former than the pressure valve seat sealing surface is reduced accordingly. When tungsten carbide floating ball valve is fixed, the fluid pressure can not make the ball displacement, but tungsten carbide seat by a spring or fluid to push the ball beat the establishment than the pressure seal.

At the same time in response to a fire due to leakage caused by the general design of tungsten carbide seat structural fire protection, fire protection design pipeline valve, the valve tungsten carbide seat structural fire design is the key, it can effectively ensure that when fires, reducing the leakage.